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Mixed up makes better: BIG thinking

The principles that enable creative thinking apply to all sorts of scenarios. We’ve defined five areas that we work in, all benefiting from creative thinking but leading to slightly different outcomes. 

You’ve solved something that no one else has. It’s BIG. And being BIG makes it more exciting, scary and challenging.

BIG thinking leads to BIG ideas and there is nothing further from ‘safe’ than this. It not only throws you out of your comfort zone, it tends to drag all those you need to convince kicking and screaming out of theirs. 

So how do you convince people to take this exhilarating leap into the unknown with you?

The BIG idea has probably been swimming around in your head for a long time, but to others it’s a shock to the system.  It’s like asking someone to take a bungee jump without the rope attached.

You need to turn your BIG thinking into something that is easy for others to accept. You need to order your thoughts into a narrative that not only makes sense but is extremely difficult to argue against. 

As you do this the BIG idea become less and less scary. The rope is attached.

But BIG thinking, it’s never that simple. You’ll need to convince lots of people, from colleagues to directors to customers. And they’ll have their reasons not to take that leap of faith with you.

You need to think about how your narrative can adapt to convince different audiences, thinking of the questions they’ll throw at you and making sure you have the answers. You need to attach the rope AND the safety harness.

You’ll also be challenged to compromise your BIG idea along the way. A BIG idea is always a BIG target for those that need convincing. Even with a rope and safety harness, making that leap is still terrifying. 

So make sure you hold true to your vision. A BIG idea that deflates can be soul destroying. It takes just as much bravery for you to push it through as it does for people to accept it.

This is on you. But that’s ok because you’ve ordered your thoughts, prepared your arguments and counter arguments. You’re ready. Rope, safety harness AND helmet.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be flexible, someone might make your BIG idea even BIGGER with their input. That’s great because it tells you someone has been convinced enough to take that leap. It’s no longer scary for them. 

And that ultimately is where you need to get your BIG thinking to. By really thinking through your different audiences and showing how your BIG thinking will work for them, you turn a scary leap into the unknown into an exhilarating memorable experience.

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