“find a group or people WHO

challenge and inspire you.

spend a lot of time with them,

IT will change your life”

Amy PoehlerHARVARD Graduation Ceremony 2011


The best ideas are often the simplest, which perversely can be the hardest to find. That’s what I enjoy: finding solutions that are clear; where the viewer understands what is required of them.

In our world of noise, technology and multiple channels, I never forget that we are talking to people. That’s what’s important. If you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and have a simple message that people can relate to, you will end up with something great. Suffice to say, I love creative, I love working with people and I love challenging myself and others to develop and execute the great idea.


Communication at its best inspires action and choice. That’s what I enjoy: finding the way to inspire people to do or understand what you need them to.

In a time of information overload the key is to remove everything that’s important to you, leaving behind only what’s important to them. It makes what you’re saying meaningful. It will become so obvious they’ll question why they hadn’t thought of it themselves. And if you’ve really nailed it, they’ll think they have. If I write something that makes you or your audience smile because it’s connected with you on some level, I go home happy.

Some of the brands we’ve worked with:

What do we do?

We’re communications specialists. We’re a branding and advertising agency. We’re creative consultants.
This makes us sound like a jack-of-all-trades. There’s some truth in that, but we can only do all of these things because we specialise in one very specific thing.
We get people to do what you want them to do.
This could be helping them learn to do a better job. Inspiring them to join you. Making them crave what you’re selling.


Everything boils down to communication. Communication is understanding. We focus on understanding what you want people to do. Why you need them to do it. The truth behind it all.
Then we understand the people you want to speak to. What will catch their attention. Be relatable and inspire them.
Finally, we do whats needed through creative thinking, beautiful design and meaningful words.


Better communication. Whether you’re talking to customers, stakeholders, employees, or strangers. We’re all people.
We believe all communication can be better. More meaningful. More beautiful. Less wasteful. We also believe in creative thinking as a way to get things done. Solve problems. Build dreams. Inspire thousands. The principles of communication apply to everything. Regardless of industry, subject, or objective.
The elements of creative thinking are limitless. The more mixed up the better.


We are people with mixed backgrounds. We’ve natural abilities and disciplines that we’ve mastered. Our experiences have given us strengths and perspectives that allow us to do what we do.
We’re good listeners. We see the value in diverse thought. We believe good ideas don’t have rank.
As we grow we seek to work with others that are similar to us, but not the same. Mixed up makes better.

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