The usual way: A client’s perspective

The usual way: A client’s perspective

You have the chance to try something new. You know exactly what you want to happen and what you want people to do.

You’ve written a brief and have it clear in your mind. This isn’t your first rodeo. 

Your go-to agency arrives for the briefing. 

You’re greeted by your account person and if you’re lucky, a creative. And maybe a junior of some sort, tagging along for the ride.

You take your time walking through the brief, making sure you cover the points most important to you. 

It seems only the junior has read your brief before the meeting, which you’re not quite sure how to take.

Nevertheless, with knowledge imparted you ask if there are any questions.

There are three responses:

“That all makes sense to me” says the account person looking to the creative for their thoughts. “Yes, I think we have plenty to work on” chirps the creative, clearly caught up in an idea they’d had three minutes into the meeting. And immediately stopped listening to the details that followed.

“Can you tell us any more about the type of audience you are trying to reach? And what happens if they don’t do what you need them to?” interrupts the junior…

The account person jumps in “haha, don’t worry about that, we know all that stuff from the last time we worked together”

Reiterating that the junior was very new while ruffling their hair. The three amigos go on their way, reassuring you they’d be in touch soon.

A few days later you get an email from the junior asking you a series of questions that make you question your sanity. You ask yourself;

“Was this the same agency I’d briefed just three days earlier?”

“I was expecting some ideas by now. What have they been doing?”

You’re on a deadline here! You request they share the concept with you asap.

An email lands in your box. It’s from the account person, reassuring you they’re on the case. You’ll have a clear idea of what they’re working on by the end of tomorrow.

In the early evening of the next day, you receive what you can only describe as a lacklustre visual depiction of a very loose concept. Which is accompanied by a very nicely written summary, waffle all the same.

Most importantly it doesn’t talk to your audience. It doesn’t do what you need it to.

You’re left with little choice. You can call your account person and have it out with them, maybe even give them another crack at it. Or you can try to get someone else in to have a look. But on this occasion, your deadline is looming. Having wasted time and effort, you revert to your tried and tested, albeit tired approach. 

You stand down the agency. Until next time.

The better way: a client’s perspective

You have the chance to do something new. You know exactly what you want to happen. What you want people to do.

You’ve written a brief and have it clear in your mind. This isn’t your first rodeo. 

Mixed up makes better arrive for the briefing. They’ve read the brief and have already asked a couple of questions. You’re greeted by the people that need to hear what you have to say.

They ask you to take your time walking them through the brief. 

They’ve explained that hearing you talk about the points most important to you adds nuance that you can’t get from a written brief.

You know they’re actively listening to understand. Not to respond with what they think you want to hear. 

With your knowledge imparted they summarise what they understand you need to happen, giving you the opportunity to correct their understanding.

Immediate questions are answered. You’re confident you’ve given them what they need.

By the end of that day you’ve received an email summarising next steps, asking a couple of mulled over questions and offering you the chance to chat through early thoughts.

Having met again and developed thoughts together you can relax knowing everything is heading the right way. A better way.

In the coming days you receive the first draft of the full concept and given another opportunity to work together to make it perfect. 

There’s no need. You’re happy. Final files supplied. Job done.

Mixed up makes better stand down. Until next time.

We believe in actively listening in order to fully understand what’s needed.

Only then do we act. And we take you on the journey with us. Afterall you’re the key to success.

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