“creativity involves breaking

out of expected patterns

in order to look at things

in a different way”

Edward de BonoThe Use of Lateral Thinking – 1967

Ed gets it. If the creative process were a jam doughnut, this principle would be its delicious sweet filling.

We’re all looking for that creative idea. We want to find original ways to get things done. To stand out from the crowd. To be better. It’s not about new for new’s sake. It’s about a different way of thinking. Creative thinking.

You need a fresh idea. A new product or service. Or simply a better way of doing what you do now. But you’re caught in a procrastination loop.

You know what you need to do. A part of your plan is missing. You know the idea is out there. But you’re struggling to find the spark to ignite it.

You make the best product. You offer the best service. You’re actually saving the world. But you’re failing to have the idea that will get you noticed.

You have a problem. It’s been bubbling around for a while. You’ve tried to solve it with your team. But you’re getting tied in knots.

You believe in something. You know we’ll believe it to. You’re building something amazing. But you’re finding it hard to prioritise your thoughts.


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