“If I had more time,

I would have written

a shorter letter”

Blaise Pascal –  Lettres Provinciales – 1657

Almost 400 years later and it seems we have even less time than Blaise, but we want to say more. Faster.

We’re communicating all the time. We want to inspire others to do something. Buy something. Believe in something. It’s not about the number of words, it’s about the right words. Meaningful words.

Your character. Get the words right and you’ll stand out from the crowd. People will recognise you. They’ll believe what you say and love you for it.

Your chance to shine. Get the words right and you’ll have them hooked. People will be inspired by you. They’ll be compelled to do or to buy.

Your business suit. Get the words right and you’ll get their respect. People will understand you. They’ll be informed about what you do and why.

Your shop window. Get the words right and you’ll catch their gaze. People will see your value. They’ll be convinced that they’re making the right choice.

Your anthem. Get the words right and you’ll rally them around you. People will feel they belong. They’ll be inspired to do their best for you.


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