Mixed up makes better: Inspiration

You understand your audience. You’ve perfected your product or service. And your company values are nailed. You’ve crafted your message.

So, how can design inspire your customers or your people to act?

Design is the first thing your audience experiences. In an instant it articulates the importance of what you’re doing. Underlining the thought and effort you’ve put in. Visually demonstrating the quality, value, and excitement on offer.

To underestimate the importance of design is to undo all of your hard work. So you need to have your eyes open to what might happen when you don’t pay attention to it. The damage it can cause.

Picture a cake. Let’s say a birthday cake. It’s for a chocoholic. Two chocolate sponges with a layer of chocolate orange ganache in between. Mmmmmm. It’s sounding good.

The sponges are baked to perfection. The orange ganache is so good you’re having trouble resisting dipping your finger in.

All that’s left to do is the chocolate icing to decorate the cake, complete with flakes and a birthday message to finish.  

At this point you decide to close your eyes. You blindly reach out for the icing ingredients. Pick up a few things, pour them (hopefully) into the bowl, mix them up and begin to decorate your cake. It feels like you’ve covered the cake. But you’re not sure. Your eyes are still closed. Let’s put more on. 

What about that birthday message? Ever tried writing with a piping bag? It’s tricky enough without your eyes closed. But you give it your best shot.

You open your eyes…

It doesn’t matter how good your ingredients are, how well they’ve baked and come together. If the decoration looks unappetising and ‘Happy Birthday’ is spelt ‘Hapry Gertdaw’, the people you want to eat it will be put off. They won’t bite. 

Design is what will inspire your audience to bite. It will help your employees believe in what you’re doing. It will showcase your message in the right way, using the right elements in the right places. It will visually articulate your thinking and hard work perfectly.

At least it should, If it’s done right. With an understanding of what needs to be done. With your eyes open.

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