Mixed up makes better: Advertising

We love advertising. We love getting it right for our customers. Which means getting it right for theirs.

As with everything we write, copy for adverts must be written from one perspective. That of the person you want to read it.

But unlike internal or corporate communication, the person you’re talking to doesn’t have any pre-existing reason to listen to you, let alone notice you.

We take what you think your customer needs to hear and distil it down what they want to hear. 

What’s important to you is unlikely to be important to them.

Important to you (if you make a very nice hammer)

This is the best hammer in the world. It’s cast as one piece of high grade steel meaning it’s less likely to break. With the handle coated in a new ecologically sustainable rubber compound it wont give blisters. 23 years of research, prototypes, patents, and testing ensure that this is the most accurate and comfortable shock free hammer on the market today, for any user.

Important to them (your customer, who wants to hit something with a hammer)

This is the most accurate and comfortable shock free hammer in the world. It wont break itself. It won’t blister you. And it won’t damage the environment, unless you want it to.

See the difference?

What’s important to your customer is born out of what’s important to you. But it’s lighter, it keeps what they’ll benefit from while shedding all the baggage.

Okay, the environment line may not be everyones cup of tea. We found it humorous, others might too. But whether we keep it or not is down to your brand. If that isn’t something you’d usually say your advert definitely shouldn’t.

There’s a process to getting your advertising right. Making it actionable and meaningful to your potential customers.

We’d be happy to talk to you about your advertising, for free. And then, if we think we can help you and you like the cut of our jib, we’d get to work developing an advertising campaign for you that won’t fail to hit the nail on the head.

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