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Mixed up makes better: Inspirational thinking

The principles that enable creative thinking apply to all sorts of scenarios. We’ve defined five areas that we work in, all benefiting from creative thinking but leading to slightly different outcomes. 

Inspirational thinking is needed when you’ve hit a bump in the road, the wheels have come off and you cant finish what you started.

When you’re caught up in what you’re doing it’s the hardest thing in the world to stop and say “I need inspiration”. Especially if your team are relying on you and you have a deadline hanging over your head.

The easy bit

Inspiration can come from anywhere. And you don’t need to look for it. In fact sometimes it only works if you’re not. 

The one place it won’t come from is the environment your trying to find it in. The room with all your post-it notes on the walls. The desk you keep banging your head on. You need to remove yourself from the task at hand. Leave the room.


Go and talk to someone. It could be someone that knows what you’re trying to do. It could be your Grandma. Talk about whatever comes up. Your agenda is to shoot the breeze and catch up with whoever you’re talking to. 

If the problem you’re working on comes up go with it, if it doesn’t go with that too. Don’t force the conversation down your line of thought, go with the flow. Inspiration may pop up while you’re talking about something completely unrelated. You’ll know when it strikes though, you’ll see a path and feel energised again.


You can find inspiration from within. To tap into it you need to distract your conscious self. Take yourself out of yourself. Read a book. Watch a film. Listen to music. Go for a run or go for a snooze. Simply by giving yourself a break and exposing yourself to different thoughts you’re opening yourself up to being inspired by something your subconscious might stumble upon.


Look to others for inspiration. But be careful not to fixate on finding inspiration, you may not find it. 

Get yourself lost in Google, LinkedIn and YouTube. Look at companies and individuals outside of your industry. Have they solved a similar problem to you? Have they created something that could help you? Have they simply done something amazing, not related in anyway to what you need to do, but amazing? 

All it takes is one little spark of an idea to re-inject the energy you need. 


Or mingling if you prefer, creative mingling. Surround yourself with inspiring people. People that have a different view. People that challenge conventional thought. People with experience of solving different problems through creative thinking.

The hard bit

Recognising the moment you need inspiration is difficult. It happens when you’re engrossed in what needs to be done. You get stuck in a rut, where you think you’re making progress. But you’re not. Before you know it you’ve lost your energy and motivation. 

The trick is spotting when you need a quick injection of inspiration. The 100% fool-proof way to do that? 

Don’t get to the point where you need to do that. Get into a routine of being inspired, work the tactics described above into your day. You might just inspire yourself and those around you too.

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