Grocery shopping

Time for change

It’s more important, rewarding, and easier than you think

We all benefit from mixing things up a little. We know deep down change really does feel as good as a holiday. But we rarely take the plunge and go for it. 

Inspiration for positive change can come from the most unexpected places. You just need to be open to it.

A few years ago my wife and I found ourselves in a bit of a rut when it came to dinners. We had young kids and would tag team the shop, going to the supermarket together to get it done as fast as possible. It wasn’t fun. One son would start crying and the other would run off and take everything he could reach off the shelves. 

So we reverted to what we knew; grabbing the same ingredients to prepare the same meals. Getting out of there before we lost the plot.

Come dinner time and with the kids asleep, we would bemoan the lack of variety in our meals. In those moments of clarity, we’d decide to try something new.

But as soon as we got to the next weekly shop, we’d slip into the same cycle of ‘safe’ choices.

Then something came along that changed everything. I picked up a flyer on my commute for a recipe box service. It offered a whole variety of meals we hadn’t tried before. Brilliant. It won us over with the promise of new and exciting. And it wouldn’t cost us any more than our usual shop. What did we have to lose? We gave it a go, chose our meals and waited for the delivery. 

The box came; three new meals with exactly what we needed. We did have our moments of doubt. It didn’t look like enough food, should we add some more? No, let’s stick with the recipe and see what happens. And do you know what? It was enough. The meals were great, and four years later we still use them to vary our meals. 

Advertising and communications can be like this. You’re often rushed off your feet. You need to get something done fast, so you revert to what you know. Using the same messaging, platforms, briefs, and suppliers. It gets the job done. It’s safe. But does it do what it could? Attract a new audience? Say something re-engage your existing audience?

In your moments of clarity you wonder if you should have tried something different. But come the next campaign, you’re rushed off your feet and your ‘cycle of safe’ happens again.

Be brave and mix it up. Try something new and trust it. It will open your eyes to new possibilities and you’ll reach new customers. What have you got to lose?

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