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Two Wives

When you solve a problem it’s easier to stick to what you know. Easier to solve things based on your past experiences. Easier to stay strapped into your safety harness. 

But that never gives you the unique answer. The one that makes your audience take note. 

Children solve problems in ways adults wouldn’t think of. They’re not burdened by the same rules or preconceptions.

This is a conversation I had with my 10-year old son during 2020:

Son: Going back to school won’t be the same if we have to socially distance, we can’t play how we’d like to

Me: It will be a good thing, it’s the start of trying to get back to normal

Son: But school at home is normal now, I like it.

Me: It’s not really school, you’re not learning in the same way. Mummy and I have to work too. School is much better.

Son: You should get a second wife.

Me: What?!

Son: A second wife. She could be our teacher and we can stay at home.

Me: I’m not sure mummy would like that, and I’m not sure having two wives would be fun.

My son turns to look me straight in the eye.

Son: But think of all the extra sex you can have. 

Me: …

We’d all benefit from looking for an unexpected solution. The unique idea. The one that stands out. 

Leave the rules at the door and channel your inner child. You might just have a stroke of genius.

And my son’s solution to home-schooling? 

Well, having discussed it with my wife, we agreed it wasn’t a viable option. But it’s definitely a conversation I’ll never forget.

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