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Mixed up makes better: Sales literature

Congratulations! You’ve hooked a potential customer!

Whether it was the punch of your well written ad or that they’ve wandered in off the street because they love your brand; you now need to back it up with the facts they need to know.

That’s right. The facts they need to know. Not the years of accumulated knowledge you feel compelled to share because you think it’s what they need to hear.

If you’ve read our other articles you’ll recognise this drum. It loves to be banged. Because it’s true.

Straight and true

You’ve hit the nail on the head with your advertising and what your brand stands for, now you need to drive it home.

You’ve got your customer to this point by understanding their point of view. Keeping your own passions and knowledge at bay. Expressing what they want. Not necessarily what you think they want.

You need to keep this up. This is the point where it’s very easy to start over sharing.

“These people love what I’m selling, I need to tell them everything I know. That’ll seal the deal”

It won’t. They just want to buy a hammer. They don’t need your (or its) life story.

When it comes to creating your sales literature you need to stay focussed on what’s valuable to your customers. Keep the information straight down the ‘what’s important to them’ line. Keep to the simple truths about what you’re selling. The benefits.

It’s make a decision time

It’s at the sales literature point your customers may vary in what they need. Some will be seeking just a little more justification before they make a purchase. Others will look for all the technical detail, reassurances and proof that make your hammer better than the one they can buy next door.

This is where good copywriting needs good design to strengthen it. Structure your information and design your page in a way that allows your customer to see the bits that are most important first. The reasons to buy.

Then back these up with opportunities to dive deeper into the facts that back up your claims. If you can do this in such a way that enables the deep diver to do so without boring the wits out of everyone else, you’re onto a winner.

The Ad

The most accurate and comfortable hammer in the world. It wont break itself. It won’t break you. And it won’t break the environment, unless you want it to.

Sales literature: Benefit

It won’t break itself. Pressure treated aged oak wooden handle. Reinforced with woven carbon graphite. And fuzed together with Shockrezist™ bonding technology.

Sales literature: Deep dive

Shockrezist™ is the ultimate in bonding technology. Scientifically proven to be the strongest and longest lasting adhesive process on the planet; specifically designed for bonding wood to metal. It combines robust adhesion with shock absorbing molecules to double the lifetime of our products.

We’d be happy to talk to you about your sales literature, for free. And then, if we think we can help you and you like the cut of our jib, we’d work together to make sure we get your customers over the line quicker than you can hit your thumb with a hammer.

Shockrezist is not a real trademark, as far as we can see. It’s a simple mechanic to aid our story. But if you have technology that does what we describe here, we should definitely talk.

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